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What is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)?

NDT inspects materials and components for defects and material properties without destroying them.

Why Non-Destructive Testing?

NDT for safety:

      Airplanes remain in the air, trains on their rails, cable cars on their cable.

NDT for environment:

       Pipelines are pigged to prevent environmental catastrophies.

NDT for money saving:

·     The inspected workpiece is as good as before.

·     In production process defective components are identified early. No money is wasted on their further treatment.

·     Lightweight construction is facilitated. Sound components may serve longer than intended.

NDT is future:

      NDT sensors will monitor the „health“ of technical components. This Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is supposed to complement or even replace expensive manual inspection.


NDT is tought in these courses


> Materials Engineering


> Project Work


> Applied NDT


> NDT and SHM of High Performance Materials


> Imaging NDT


> Visual Simulation of Material Processes

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