Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift für Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Technischen Mechanik

Band 28   (2008)




  Vorwort der Herausgeber zu Heft 1/2008 1/1
M. Johlitz, H. Steeb,
S. Diebels, J. Batal,
W. Possart
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Size Effects in Polyurethane Adhesive Sealings 1/3
P. Neff Remarks on Invariant Modelling in Finite Strain Gradien Plasticity 1/13
S. Göktepe, C. Miehe Efficient Two-Scale Modeling of Finite Rubber Viscoelasticity 1/22
H. A. Meier, P. Steinmann,
E. Kuhl
Towards Multiscale Computation of Confined Granular Media
- Contact Forces, Stresses and Tangent Operators -
B. J. Dimitrijevic, K. Hackl A Method for Gradient Enhancement of Continuum Damage Models 1/43
B. Zastrau, I. Lepenies,
M. Richter
On the Multi Scale Modeling of Textile Reinforced Concrete 1/53
T. Ebinger, H. Steeb,
S. Diebels
Kinematically Extended Continuum Theories: Correlation Between Microscopical Deformation and Macroscopical Strain Measures 1/64
B. Svendsen Kinematics and Balance Relations for Bidimensional Continua 1/87
A.S. Kravchuk Contact of Multi-Level Roughness with Flat Rigid or Perfectly Plastic Body 2/105
I.V. Andrianov,
G.A. Starushenko
Asymptotic Analysis of Strongly Anisotropic Solids 2/121
C. Cattani, M. Scalia, M.P.Yushkov, S.A. Zegzhda Consideration of Reaction Forces of Holonomic Constraints as Generalized Coordinates in Approximate Determination of Lower Frequencies of Elastic Systems 2/126
L. Restuccia, A. Georgescu Determination of Asymptotic Waves in Maxwell Media by Double-Scale Method 2/140
F.D. Fischer, E. Gamsjäger Beams on Foundation, Winkler Bedding or Halfspace – a Comparison 2/152
Nguyen Van Khang,
Nguyen Trong Hung,
Ninh Duc Ton
Improve Processed Surface’s Precision of Optical Elements by Grinding under Kinematic Program Control 2/156
C. Cattani Harmonic Wavelet Analysis of Nonlinear Waves 2/166
  Vorwort der Herausgeber zu Heft 3-4 3-4/183
Nguyen Quang Hoang,
E. Kreuzer
A Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Remotely Operated Vehicles 3-4/185
Nguyen Cao Menh The Influence of Elastic Base on Stability of Rotor-Oil Film Bearing Systems 3-4/194
J. Wauer Modeling and Dynamic Behavior of Electrostatic Tranducers with Distributed Parameters 3-4/204
Do Sanh, Dinh Van Phong,
Do Dang Khoa, Tran Duc
Control of Program Motion of Dynamic Systems Using Relative Motions 3-4/211
Nguyen Hai Simultaneous  Resonances Involving Three Mode Shapes of Parametrically-Excited Rectangular Plates 3-4/219
Tran Ich Thinh, Ngo Nhu Khoa Free Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Laminated Plates Using a New Stiffened Element 3-4/227
Nguyen Dinh Kien Dynamic Response of Prestressed Timoshenko  Beams Resting on Two-Parameter  Foundation to Moving Harmonic Load 3-4/237
T.H. Nam, G. Requena,
H.P. Degischer
Modelling and Numerical Computation of Thermal Expansion of Aluminium Matrix Composite with Densely Packed SiC Particles 3-4/259
T. L. Teng, K. C. Chang,
T. H. Nguyen
Crashworthiness Evaluation of Side-Door Beam of Vehicle 3-4/268
Nguyen Dong Anh, La Duc Viet,
Pham Duc Phung
An Improved Approach to Kalman Bucy Filter using the Identification Algorithm 3-4/279
Viet Khoa Nguyen,
Oluremi A Olatunbosun,
Tien Khiem Nguyen
Wavelet Based Method for Remote Monitoring of Structural Health by Analysing the Nonlinearity in Dynamic Response of Damaged Structures Caused by the Crack-Breathing Phenomenon 3-4/289
Thanh Ngoc Tran, R. Kreißig,
M. Staat
Load Bearing Capacity of Thin Shell Structures Made of  Elastoplastic Material by Direct Methods 3-4/299
Nguyen Van Khang, Nguyen Phong Dien, Hoang Manh Cuong Parametric Torsional Vibration of Mechanical Drive Systems  With Non-uniform Transmission Mechanisms 3-4/310
Nguyen Phong Dien Damping Identification Using the Wavelet-based Demodulation Method: Application to Gearbox Signals 3-4/324
Nguyen Dang Quy,
A. Matzenmiller
A Solid-Shell Element with Enhanced Assumed Strains for Higher Order Shear Deformations in Laminates 3-4/334
Vu Hong Long, Dinh Van Phong Cornering Path of the Vehicle in Case of Sliding 3-4/356
Rezensionen Harzheim, L.:
Strukturoptimierung, Grundlagen und
Rezensent: P. Eberhard
  Jenkins, C.; Khanna, S:
Mechanics of Materials. A Modern Integration of  Mechanics and Materials in Structural Design
Rezensent: A. Bertram
  Papula, L.:
Mathematik für Ingenieure und
Naturwissenschaftler, Band 2

Rezensent: W. Lenz
  Skrzypek, J.J.; Ganczarski, A.W.;
Rustichelli, F.; Egner, H.:
Advanced Materials and Structures for Extreme Operation Conditions

Rezensent: H. Altenbach
  Läpple, V.:
Einführung in die Festigkeitslehre - Lehr- und Übungsbuch 
  A. Bertram
  Nader, M.:
Compensation of Vibrations in Smart Structures: Shape Control, Experimental Realization and Feedback Control
  T. Nestorovic
  Balke, H.:
Einführung in die Technische Mechanik

Statik, Festigkeitslehre, Kinetik

Rezensent: A. Bertram
  Papula, L.:
Mathematik für Ingenieure und
Naturwissenschaftler, Band 3

Rezensent: W. Lenz
  Itskov, M.:
Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers
Rezensent: A. Bertram

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